Tech-Mark provides value added services for small to medium size OEMs including power bridge and heat sink assemblies including all components. Receive your power-semiconductor components assembled and ready for panel wiring. At Tech-Mark we can do that for you. Most of our customers are small to medium sized OEMs who appreciate our assembly to specifications and fast delivery. We assemble both air and water cooled power components. We pack our assemblies so that they travel safe and unpack quickly. Our components come from well known and reliable suppliers to the power electronics field.

Maintenance departments rely on Tech-Mark for reliable delivery of replacement power- semiconductor parts. Our trained staff will help find replacement components that meet or exceed the specification of your original device. Components are supplied either as-labeled by the manufacturer or if requested, we will arrange for private labeling.

At Tech-Mark, we understand the types and workings of power-electronic components, ensuring that every assembly is tailored to suit the unique requirements of each OEM. Our experienced technicians utilize progressive equipment and techniques to ensure the accuracy and longevity of each assembly. Beyond assembly, our commitment to excellence extends to after-sales support, ensuring your operation runs faultlessly. Recognizing the importance of uptime in today's fast-paced industries, we prioritize quick turnarounds without compromising on quality. Moreover, for businesses aiming to establish their brand identity, our private labeling option is an added advantage, giving a personalized touch to the components. Choose Tech-Mark, where precision meets reliability.

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